Opportunity Clipboard
Opportunity Clipboard
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As with all Asset General Clipboards, you can do Opportunity manipulation in for many items in one action using the Opportunity Clipboard.
IMPORTANT: (e) Menus: Although Opportunities are not accessible to End Users, Opportnitiy management can be done on an End User specific manner. Therefore, you will see the "(e)Menu" items when a certain Opportunity interface can be viewed in a End User Specific manner.
To Add items to the Opportunity Clipboard you use the same method as adding Assets to Asset Clipboard or Coverage Items to Coverage Clipboard.
Opportunity Clipboard Actions
Opportunity Clipboard has a few different levels just like others:
- Clipboard Level
- Customer Level
- Opportunity Type Level (New or Renewal)
- Brand (or Manufacturer)
- Coverage Type
You can select items at the preferred level and run the available actions on the selected items such as Add to Quote or Batch Edit.
Opportunities and Coverage Quotes
Opportunity life-cycles are fully connected to Coverage Quoting Tool. Once you import a Quote from a Distributor or a Manufacturer or even your own ERP System, Asset General will automatically run matching to find all relationships between your Quote Lines and Assets and Coverage Items as well as Opportunities in the Customer's account. These relationships will then be used to show Pending Quotes entries in the Asset, Coverage and Opportunity Detail pages as well as update Forecast Items that are related to those matching Opportunities to QUOTED status.