Asset Clipboard
Asset Clipboard
The Clipboard allows you to add multiple assets to the Clipboard and make batch modifications such as location and life cycle status updates. The Clipboard can also be used to initiate Service Contract Changes and access the True-Up functionality for users with the required set of privileges.
First you have to add some assets to the clipboard to work with in the "Clipboard".
Adding assets to the Clipboard
Go to Assets from main menu and then select Assets.
Summary view of the assets will be displayed and then select the assets that you want to add to the Clipboard (you can use the search tool to find assets in Assets section).
Then Check the box of each asset or assets to add to the Clipboard.
Select the Clipboard icon at the top of the summary page.
The checked Assets are now in the Clipboard.
Go to Tools from main menu and then select "Asset Clipboard" to view added assets to the Clipboard.
Note: To remove an asset or assets from the Clipboard, check the box beside the Asset # and select Remove from Clipboard.
Updating the Location of Assets
Select the assets that you want change the location. By using "Select All" you can select the assets and also it is available in each group level.
Then select the "Update Location" from the level of selected assets to select the new location. Click on "Change Location" button. Confirm alert appears by asking to proceed or deny the action you did. Once confirmed you can see those Assets are now available under updated location.
Note: The Assets' action log will show that the asset's location changed from the previous location to the newly designated location as well as the date and the username of who made the change.
Updating the Life Cycle Status of Assets
Select the assets that you want to change the "Asset status". You can use the "Select All" to select assets from group level. Then select the new life cycle status from the drop down menu and hit "Update Status". Once you confirmed, those selected assets are now in newly selected status.
Note: The Assets' action log will show that the asset's life cycle status changed from the previous status to the newly selected status as well as the date and the username of who made the change.
Asset Parenting
You can parent a set of assets via the Asset Clipboard.
To do the parenting:
First add all assets that you wish to parent to Asset Clipboard. Then in the Clipboard, make all edits and corrections to the list selecting only the item you want to parent. Then click link to parent at the level of the hierarchy. When the dialog appears please filter for the parent using the Serial Number, Asset Id or Asset Tag and makes your selection.
Deleting Assets using the Clipboard
First, add set of assets to the asset clipboard that you want to delete. Then drill down to the desired group level since this Delete Asset functionality is given in each group level. Then select the assets and select "Delete Asset". Once confirmed, those Asset(s) will no longer be available in Asset General.
Requesting Service Contract Changes
Service Contract Changes can be requested for multiple manufacturers with assets on the Clipboard by selecting Service Contract Change Request from the Actions for all Assets section at the top OR a single manufacturer can be expanded to see the available actions for the selected manufacturer.
First add assets to the Asset Clipboard to request the Service Contract Changes. Then select "Service Contract Request". Pop up window appears and by selecting "Change Request Type" you can make a request for Service Contract Changes.
Change Request Types are:
- New Service Contract
- Asset Location Change
- Life Cycle Status Update
Requested Contract changes are display in "Contract Change Request".
Once you select the Contract Change Request section, you can view the summary view of requested Contract Changes. By selecting CCR # you can go to the detail view of the Contract Change Request. From CCR's detail page, you can upload attachments, add notes and delete assets from the CCR if necessary.
When you requested a Contract Change, its status will be "QUOTE_REQUESTED".
Then you can upload a quote by selecting "Upload Quote" button. Once you upload a quote its Status changes to "APPROVAL_REQUIRED".
Then Service Finance Manager Privilege holders can "Approve" or "Deny" your request. If the Service Finance Manager approves the CCR, Asset General will inform you via email that your CCR has been "APPROVED".
Then you can make the CCR as "ORDER_SUBMITTED" by selecting the "Order Submitted" button.
Select the "Complete" button and fill the popup window's fields to COMPLETE your CCR.