Quote Import Wizard
Quote Import Wizard
Quote Import Wizard allows you to follow a step by step guide to add lines to a quote.
Client Administrator, Account Manager, Customer Account Administrator and Customer User can import assets through Import Assets.
Required Privilege(s) Coverage, Coverage Quoting
Go to detail view of the quote that you want to import quote lines.
Click on "Quote Import Wizard" or "Import Additional Lines" button, then you will redirect to "Quote Import Wizard" tool.
Step 01: Select a model and the data file you want to import.
Step 02: You have to select the header of your data file (radio button) and lines (check boxes) to add as quote lines of your quote.
Step 03: Map the Manufacturer column from the drop down or you can select the manufacturer by checking "Select a Manufacturer".
Step 04: Map the LOS column from the drop down or you can fill it by checking "Enter the LOS/Svc. Part#".
Step 05: Map columns from the data file to quote fields in Asset General and hit "Continue Import" button. You can save your column configuration as a model and can use it in your next import.
Step 06: Imported line(s) display in your quote with a message as mentioned below.