Discounts and Uplifts
Discounts and Uplifts
Asset General Portfolio SaaS Quoting Tool supports both Discounts and Uplifts.
You may apply them at the Quote Header level, Quote Line level or to a selected batch of Lines.
At the line level, you can apply them via a negative or positive % or a negative or positive amount.
When you enter a value by either the % or the number for either one of the types, the tool figures out the applicable strategy and signals what it is looking at by indicating a blue box around the detected type.

Uplift Based
Applying an Uplift to your Cost of a line:
Discount Based
Applying a Discount to the List Price of a line:
If you add discount or an uplift when the other is already on the line, it will warn you that you are about to switch.
Adding a Negative Uplift
If you apply a Negative Uplift to indicate selling below cost, the line will indicate with a Red box:
Negative Uplift by value:
Adding a Negative Discount
If you apply a Discount where you may be quoting above the List Price, the line will indicate with a Green box: