Creating Renewal Quotes
Adding Quotes
Client Administrator, Account Manager, Customer Account Administrator and Customer User can import assets through Import Assets.
Required Privilege(s) Coverage, Coverage Quoting
To add a Quote,
Go "Coverage" and select "Coverage Quoting" from the drop down menu.
Select "Create a New Quote".
Then click on "ADD", you will redirect to quote detail page.
There are set of action buttons available on top of quote detail view.
Then you can fill Expected Close Date, Quote Expiration, Payment Frequency and other details of your quote.
You can add lines to a Quote by importing the Quote file in Excel format from "Quote Import Wizard" or by adding lines one at a time.
Once you Save the Quote, add Uplifts and Discounts to them, designate Back Support etc, you can Publish the Quote at which point the Quote is accessible as a downloadable PDF with your logo etc.
Duplicate a Quote Line
Using the Duplicate icon you can duplicate any Quote line prior to the Quote being booked. You will find this especially helpful when you need to add additional lines or split a grouped Serial Number into multiple lines without having to retype line data. You may also duplicate a line after using the Quote Import Wizard to import Quote data into a Quote.
Back Support a Quote Line
You can indicate that a Quote Line is a Back Support by checking the check box in the BS column.
NOTE: When a Back Support Line is booked it will not be added to the Annualized Revenue Calculations of a Contract and Back Support Coverage Items will not be tracked for Renewal Status or PRN.
Published Quotes are also available from the Coverage > Access Quotes menu for End User users who are given access to their Account on Asset General.
Once Published, your Quote will look something like the screen segment below, with Asset and Coverage links with the Opportunity linked in the Coverage Item detail page with links the Source Coverage (the item who's renewal you were seeking) and the Resulting Coverage (the item that you created by Wining the Opportunity).
When a Quote is published, it is now available to be Booked.
You can mark the Quote as Lost in the Quote Detail page and this will in turn mark the related Opportunities referenced in the Quote lines (if any) to LOST and in turn their Forecast Probability to Zero.
Complete Booking
Booking a Quote is simple but has a lot of complex and powerful logic under the hood that creates the Service Contract and creates new Coverage Items and Assets (only create Assets if they do not exist). This process now also updates Opportunities and Forecasts and sets up the next Renewal Opportunity for the future term and the cycle continues.
Complete Booking: Asset Creation Conflict Resolution
When you are importing more than one line with the same Asset Serial Number but different Coverage Information, it is important to make sure the Assets that get created when the Quote is Booked (via Complete Booking) reflects the correct Asset part number and other Asset information. In this situation, the previous functionality was to automatically create the Asset using the last line's Part Number and Part Description information in case there were multiple lines with the same Serial Number.
When you click Complete Booking if a Serial Number duplication exists, you will see a message similar to this:
In the line details, you will see that a column of radio buttons grouped by the color-coded lines (only the conflicting line groups will be color coded to avoid confusion).
When using the radio button groups you must then indicate the main Asset line for each of the duplicated Serial numbers. This process will ensure the most accurate information is reflected on the newly created Assets when you complete the Booking using the Complete Booking button (once the Quote has been saved and Published). The system will not let you complete booking until all conflicts have been resolved.
Complete Booking: Override Asset Location
When you use Complete Booking to Book a Quote, Asset General will create or update the Assets as well as Create or Update the related Coverage Items and Contracts that tie them all together. During this process, you can now indicate whether you want the Assets you are creating be assigned a Location from the Location set of the Customer (often times when booking a Contract, you will be booking it for Assets that reside in the same location). You may choose not to indicate a location. In this case, you may give the created Assets locations using Asset edit individually or en masse using the Asset Clipboard. Should you choose to indicate location during the booking process, you can also ask the system to override the location of any existing Assets that are matched by the System using Manufacture and Serial # combination within the Customer's Asset portfolio.