Contracts and Coverage Overview
Contracts and Coverage Overview
A coverage item is any type of a contract that can be purchased for a machine asset that expires after a given period of time. Most coverage items are associated with a contract designated by a contract number. When coverage items are associated with contracts, those contracts are available in the contract section as well. The types of coverage items currently supported are listed below.
Hardware Maintenance (HWMA)- This is generally referred to as the maintenance contract.
Software Maintenance (SWMA)- Software maintenance can be associated with a hardware serial number but can have its own serial as well.
Hardware Warranty Coverage (WARR)
Software License (SWLIC)- This is a type of Software License that expires after a period of time.
Lease (Hardware Leases)
Cloud License (CLOUDLIC)- This is a type of license purchased for the purpose of running a software application on a cloud based hardware instance in a BYOL (bring your own license) arrangement
Secure Disk Retention
Asset Management
As indicated above, each coverage item can be associated with a hardware asset where a single hardware asset might have multiple different types of coverage types associated with it such as a warranty, and a software license. Each item can maintain its status from ACTIVE to RENEWED. The statuses currently available are listed below.
- Renewed
- Quoted
- Closed
- Active
- Perpetual Licensing
Since coverage items have a start and expiration date then all coverage items will be incorporated in Proactive Renewal Notifications (if configured) and displayed to eligible users in the Home section's Dashboard and on outbound PRN emails. When manufacturer based contract data feeds are consumed by the system, a hardware maintenance coverage item is automatically added and maintained with linkage to the hardware assets.
"Perpetual Licensing" Coverage item(s)
Contract Start Date and Contract End Date become optional for "Perpetual Licensing" Coverage items.
Note: You can not renew the "Perpetual Licensing" Coverage item(s) and can not add to a quote. Also Opportunities will not be created for "Perpetual Licensing" Coverage item(s).
Coverage Change Log
The Coverage Detail page contains a Change Log similar to the Asset Change Log that will audit and show any changes made to any Coverage attribute. You will be able to see the user, timestamp as well as the before and after values of the given Attribute. At a glance you will be able to know exactly who or which process edited a Coverage item attribute and when.
Editing an Coverage Item's Term Dates
When changing the Coverage Item's term dates via Clipboard for multiple items or individually, the related Contract's term dates will also be adjusted.
Note that the Total Contract Value will be adjusted to reflect the non-renewed items left in the Contract due to Coverage Item on the Contract being renewed and/or Coverage term dates being adjusted without changing the value of the item itself (if term dates are adjusted, the annualized value will change accordingly).
Service Contracts
Contracts section contains all of the Customer Company's Service Contracts. Using the left Search Tool, you can search for Service Contracts by Contract #, Manufacturer, Start Date, and End Date.
Summary view of Contracts
Once you go to Contracts section, it displays a summary of all Service Contracts. To view the details and all of the Assets on a Service Contract, simply click the Contract Number.
You can perform the following actions from the Service Contract's detail view.
Deleting a Contract
You can delete a Contract by selecting the "Delete Contract". If you delete a contract, related coverage items, related opportunities, attachments and notes also deleted from Asset General.
Note: Deleting a Service Contract does not delete the Assets associated with the Service Contract from Asset General.
Adding Asset(s) to Asset Clipboard
You can add assets associated to the selected contract to the Asset Clipboard using "Add to Asset Clipboard".
Adding Coverage item(s) to Quote
You can add associated coverage items of the selected contract to a quote from "Add Coverage to Quote".
Editing Contract's fields
You can edit below fields in contract detail view.
Contract #
PO #
Vendor PO #
Sales Order #
End User Contact - list of users (ACCOUNT_ADMIN and USER) of the selected Customer Company.
Contract Assignment
You can use the Contract Detail page of any Contract in the Customer's contract pool to assign a contract to an ASSIGNED_CONTRACTS privilege holder. If the Customer's account has any ASSIGNED_CONTRACTS privilege holders they will be shown in the drop down menu.
Note that you can re-assign a Contract to a different user at any time and the same user may be assigned to any number of Contracts from the Customer Company's Contract Pool. When a Contract is assigned to a user, the user will have access to ALL Assets and Coverage Item linked such Contract and performs other functions such as those available from the Clipboards on such items.
Uploading Attachments
You can attach documents for a selected contract from this "Upload file".
Adding Notes
You can add notes to the selected contract by selecting the + icon in front of the "Contract Notes" section.
Contract Line Search
You can use "Contract Line Search" to search contract lines of the selected contract.
Contract Event Log
You can add event(s) to a contract by selecting + icon at the "Contract Event Log" section.
Contract Action Log
Action Log shows the date and time of any change made to the selected service contract and the person who made the change. It also shows the attribute changed, what it was changed from, and what it was changed to.
Contract Change Log
Contract Change Log shows the date and time of any change made to the selected Contract and the person who made the change. It also shows the attribute changed, what it was changed from, and what it was changed to.