Using Asset Import
Importing Assets using Import Assets
Import Assets can be used to import assets from specific manufacturer for a specific location..
Client Administrator, Account Manager, Customer Account Administrator and Customer User can import assets through "Import Assets" tool.
Required Privilege(s) Assets, Import assets
To import assets,
Go to Assets and select Import Assets from Main Menu.
Step 01: Select the fields below.
- Choose the "Manufacturer" from drop down.
- Select a "Location" or Add New Location by filling the fields Location name, Address1, Address2, City, Country and Zip.
- According to your necessity select appropriate model if exists.
- Check the check box "Header Included" if header is included in the file is being imported.
- If importing assets that already exist in the system, you have a choice to update those assets by Serial Number, Asset ID, or Asset Tag. If you need to update existing assets, check the "Update Duplicate Assets" and then select"Use As Key".
Use As Key (to find existing assets)
i. Serial Number - The serial number of each Asset must be unique to each Customer
ii. Asset ID - This is the ID that Asset General assigned to an Asset currently in the system
iii. Asset Tag - Typically this is an ID that the Customer uses to identify their Asset which may or may not be the same as the Serial Number or Asset ID
Choose a csv file to be imported and hit "Upload" button.
Step 02: Select the LOS (Coverage type).
- If your data file does not contain coverage data, then choose "No Coverage Data" option.
- If you want to load coverage data, choose the column from drop down that Coverage types in or can give it from text field in right side.
Step 03: Map the systems coverage type with LOS in data file
Step 04: Then map columns from the data file to an Asset fields in the system and hit "Continue Import" button.
Step 05: Summary of the loaded or rejected assets display here. It displays how many assets have been added, updated and failed. If there are failed records, you can see the reasons for failures. If your data file contains data rows without serial number(s), Asset General will ask to generate non-serial asset for them.
- . Select "Add as New" to create system-generated serial numbers for those assets.
- Select "Take no Action" to skip this non-serialized process.
Go to "Assets" from top navigation and select "Assets" to view loaded assets records.