Importing Assets
Importing Assets
Assets can import using Import Assets, Asset Import Wizard and Add New Asset tools for a specific customer in Asset General.
Import Assets can use if your data set belongs to a specific manufacturer for a specific location. Update existing assets also can perform through Import Assets.
If your data file contains assets from multiple manufacturers for multiple locations, you can use Asset Import Wizard.
You can use Add New Asset to add assets individually to Asset General for a specific customer.
Custom Labels in Import Assets
Each End Customer company has only one set of Custom Labels in order to make sure all search and display views are consistent. Anytime you change Custom Labels for the End Customer Company, they are changed for all Assets in the Company and therefore care must be taken to assure accurate representation of your data via Custom Labels. Once assets have been imported and mapped to the saved custom labels, they will be shown on the imported assets' detail page.
Note: Custom Labels are setup specific to the End Customer Company.
To Change Your Custom Labels:
Select "Assets" then "Import Assets" or "Asset Import Wizard" from the drop down menu.
On the left side of the page, enter the Custom Label of your choice and "Save".
Setup custom labels can be seen in the Asset's detail view.