Adding and Editing an Asset
Adding and Editing an Asset
An asset can be added by clicking on "Add New Asset" button and you can change asset's details by editing it.
Adding an Asset
Client Administrator, Account Manager, Customer Account Administrator and Customer User can import assets through Import Assets.
Required Privilege(s) Assets, Import assets
To add new asset:
Select "Assets" then "Assets" from drop down menu.
Select "Add New Asset" button.
Fill the asset's attributes and hit Save.
Editing an Asset
To edit an asset:
Select "Assets" then Assets from drop down menu.
Edit button exists in detail view of the asset. Click on "Edit Asset Info" in detail view of the asset.
Then change the fields that you want to edit and submit.
Note:When you edit the serial number of an Asset using the Edit Asset Information button if the Asset has related Coverage Items, the Related Asset Serial field of the Coverage Items will also be automatically changed.