EDI Invoice Processing
EDI Invoice Processing
By processing the EDI Invoices, the invoices of the orders load to Asset General.
They then match these invoices with the purchase order lines in SalesForce. If it is success, create or update AP Voucher(s) and create Serial object(s) (if serial numbers exist for that particular line) in SalesForce for that particular order line.
The invoice details of the orders can be seen in the detail view of those particular orders and you can see the loaded invoices in a separate section.
Go to "Order Status" and select "EDI Invoice Processing" to view the invoices loaded to Asset General.
-Update the PO line's details in SalesForce or NetSuite as below.
You can see the summary view of the invoices and search tool as "Invoice Search" at left side of the page. From this "EDI Invoice Summary View", you can quickly identify the matched invoices from "EDI Matched Status" column.
Below screen segment shows the detail view of an invoice.
If you go to detail view of an invoice or detail view of an order, you can identity that invoice is matched or not matched with the SalesForce or NetSuite. If it is matched, invoice details view provides summarized points for that invoice line from "SF Disposition."
Below mentioned screen segment shows some details available in "SF Disposition."