APV Management
APV Management
In Asset General, AP Vouchers creation or updating existing AP vouchers take place from the Invoice Processing.
If you send EDI invoices to Asset General,
- Load your invoices to Asset General and display in order detail view of the orders at the "EDI Order Status" and only invoices can be seen under "EDI Invoice Processing" section.
- Then Asset General matches these orders with the SalesForce.
- If match is found (by going through several conditions), create AP Voucher(s) or update existing AP Voucher(s) in SalesForce for your invoices.
If you go to the "EDI Invoice Processing" (Order Status > EDI Invoice Processing), you can quickly identify the invoices that AP Voucher(s) get created by looking at the APV Status column in the "EDI Invoice Summary" view.
If you go to detail view of the orders or detail view of the invoices, you can see the created AP Vouchers' information in Asset General.