855 Purchase Orders
855 Purchase Orders
855 transaction set is a Purchase Order Acknowledgement. It is used by sellers to confirm the receipt of a purchase from a buyer, eliminating the need to call or fax a confirmation. This 855 also communicates whether the PO was accepted or rejected, or what changes may have been made to accepted orders by the seller. The 855 can indicate that the order was accepted, rejected or accepted with changes, as follows:
Accepted with Changes
- All line items accepted, change freight or cash terms
- Change or reject one or more line items, no header-level changes
- Header-level changes, and one or more line items changed or rejected
In Asset General, Purchase order view displays as mentioned in below screen segment. It displays Purchase order number, Order date, Customer details, Ordered Quantity, Part#, Unit Price, etc.
Below screen segments display some details(PO Status and More Info) updated from Asset General in SalesForce or NetSuite since Asset General updates some fields of the purchase orders and purchase order lines (from 855 Purchase Orders loading process) in SalesForce or NetSuite.