Integration Hub Overview
About the Integration Hub
The Asset General® Integration Hub is your private instance of our platform that is branded, deployed, managed and customized for you. Built on open source platforms and cloud infrastructure, it is scalable and infinitely extensible. It allows any-to-any integration between two or more of your software infrastructure systems either deployed on premise or on the cloud. An example use case is to integrate Cloud CRM and on-Premise ERP while another is to integrate cloud ERP with partner EDI feeds that automate pricing, sales, drop-ship, tracking and invoices and credits. The integration hub with its vast array of integration options is also used to solve data management problems, for cleansing and scrubbing and live updating of business objects such as Purchase Orders between various systems and parties all in one platform. As an added bonus, the integration hub is available as a branded portal allowing you to extend access to internal views to internal employees and external views to external parties all with a user manageable role and privilege based secure access control system. You can control which views and which fields are seen by each role. So, as you can see, the integration hub also performs a valuable visibility and access function on your behalf all in one system.
Where to go next?
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