Configuring Asset General for Salesforce
Configuring Asset General for Salesforce
First, install your Asset General Application to your SalesForce instance.
After the installation, you can see the "SalesForce-AG Configuration" in Asset General Section of your installed App.
Select the "SalesForce-AG Configuration" to view the detail of the configuration.
You can see the Password field as empty at the initial visit of the App.
Then setup the Password and submit.
When saving the password, SaleForce sends a request to Asset General Service point which is mentioned in the "AG URL" and then,
- Creates a Company ("Client" Type), company name is taken from the "Your Company" which is Organization Name of your SalesForce instance.
- Creates a user account (ACC_ADMIN) from First Name, Last Name, Email, Password and Company ID in configuration detail view.
By using above login details you can now log to your Asset general instance.