Resetting Passwords
Resetting Passwords
Password Reset Capabilities of Asset General
AG passwords for Customer accounts work as follows:
Client users with access to the End User customer account may change user information including passwords for their customers. They can also send the password to their customers.
Customer accounts can change their own passwords in the "My Account" section by editing account information. Customer ACCOUNT_ADMINs may also do the same for their users.

Password Reset
The password reset functionality works as follows:
Click on "Password Reset" in the Customer user's profile. Then the Asset General will change the user's password to a temporary password generated by the system and email a link to the user's primary email address (also the login name).
When the user receives the email the user may click the link to Reset the password and be presented with the Change Password dialog box. Once the password has been saved the user may log into the account with the new password.
In the intervening time (or if the user has an issue with the email or link), the Client admin may send the temporary password via "Send Password" or "Email Password" (note that Send send's via the backend while Email pops up an email in the Admin's mail client for further editing) allowing the user to login using the temporary password.