Privilege Structure in Asset General
Privilege Structure in Asset General
The privilege structure helps to manage and limit the access for the sections and facilities from your Company and its users. You can see the set of privileges and their behavior in Asset General as mentioned below.
Login privilege must be assigned in order for the user to login to the Asset General.
Read Only
Read Only privilege holders can only view the sections assigned to them and can not edit any data in the assigned sections.
Asset Privilege holders can access the "Assets" section in AG.
Import Assets
Import Assets privilege holders can import assets using Import Asset tool. To access the Import Asset tool, go to Assets from main menu and then select the Import Assets.
Service Contracts
Service Contracts privilege holders can access the "Contracts" section in Asset General.
Service Contract Changes
Service Contract Changes holders can request changes to service Contracts. You can request changes from "Service Contract Request" in Asset Clipboard or Coverage Clipboard.
Import Service Orders
ORDER_IMPORT privilege holders can import order data (order details) in the Orders section of AG. Please use the Order Import Wizard to import Order data and automatically generate Assets and Contract records for related Assets.
Assigned Contracts
The Assigned Contracts privilege can be assigned to any Customer user account by a Client ACC_ADMIN or a Client ACC_MGR with Customer Company Access. It is useful to limit customer user access to only certain Service Contracts and the Assets and Coverage items related to such Service Contracts. The ASSIGNED_CONTRACTS privilege has been developed to accomplish this goal. Note that this privilege has no effect if the existing SERVICE_CONTRACT privilege has been granted to the user. In that case, the user will be able to see and interact with ALL Service Contracts and Assets and Coverage items of the Customer Company. This privilege is also helpful in naming the designated Point of Contact for a Service Contract.
You can use the Contract Detail page of any Contract in the Customer's contract pool to assign a contract to an ASSIGNED_CONTRACTS privilege holder. If the Customer's account has any ASSIGNED_CONTRACTS privilege holders they will be shown in the drop down menu.
Note that you can re-assign a Contract to a different user at any time and the same user may be assigned to any number of Contracts from the Customer Company's Contract Pool. When a Contract is assigned to a user, the user will have access to ALL Assets and Coverage Item linked such Contract and performs other functions such as those available from the Clipboards on such items.
Order Status
Order Status privilege holders can access the Order Status section in Asset General. You may assign the Order Status privilege to any End User Company thereby making Order Status data available to the End User organization subject to integration and mapping.
Order Status, once assigned to the End User/Customer, makes Order data available to End User account administrators. However, End User users (USER Role) must be assigned this privilege explicitly (either by their self-service Administrator or by you) for them to be able to view their Order Status information in Order Status views.
For End User accounts, Order Status can also be subject to assignment - please see Order Contact below.
Order Contact
As long as an End User organization has Order Status privilege assigned them and their Order data is mapped in ERP Order integration, the End User company will be entitled to see Order Status data. However, you may assign the ORDER_CONTACT privilege to certain users in the End Customer's user pool to allow them to be mapped to any number of Orders as the individual Order's Point of Contact. The point is to allow users, potentially with no other levels of access, to view their Order Status data in the Order Status section of Asset General.
This privilege can also be assigned to any Customer user by the ACC_ADMIN or ACC_MGR of the instance owner. This privilege has no effect on any other privilege or access level and when granted, will allow the user to view and search Order status data assigned to them as well as view ERP Asset data.
Note that once the Order Contact privilege is assigned to the End User Company, the End User company comes under the Order Contact functionality. This allows self-service Admins of the Company or you to assign the Order Contact privilege to End User's user contacts. Once such a user is assigned this privilege, you can assign the subject Orders from the Order Status->Order Detail view and very importantly can only view Orders that are assigned to him/her.
True-Up privilege holders can access the "True-Up" section in Asset General.
Coverage privilege holders can access the "Coverage" section in Asset General.
Coverage Quoting
Coverage privilege holders can access the "Coverage Quoting" section in Asset General.
Dashboard privilege holders can view graphs and charts at the "Dashboard" section in Asset General. Go to "Tools" and then select "Dashboard" to view charts and graphs for a selected Customer.
Maintenance privilege holders can access the Clipboards in Asset General.
Export privilege holders can export data from assigned sections in Asset General.
Proactive Renewal Notification
Proactive Renewal Notification privilege holders(ACC_ADMIN users) can setup the Proactive Renewal Notifications for the Customers.
Active Management
Active Management privilege holders can edit the fields at "Active Management" section in Asset's detail page.
HelpDesk privilege holders can access the HelpDesk section and ability to create Help Tickets. Go to Assets and then asset detail page to create Help Ticket(s).
HelpDesk Manager
This privilege holders can create, view and accept the Help Tickets in Asset General.
HelpDesk Finance Manager
HelpDesk Finance Manager Privilege holders can accept and approve the Help Tickets requiring approval.
Product privilege holders can access the "Product" section in Asset General.
Library privilege holders can create folders, upload files add links to the library section in Asset General. To access it, go to Tools from top navigation and select "Library."
Service Finance Manager
Service Finance Manager Privilege holders can approve or deny the change requests for service contracts.
Opportunities privilege holders can access the "Opportunities" section in Asset General.