Adding Customer Companies
Adding Customer Companies
Client Administrator(ACC_ADMIN) can add Customer Companies to your Asset General instance.
To add a Customer:
Go to Profile.
Click on "Add Customer" at right side of the page.
Then fill Company registration details.
Fill appropriate privileges and Submit.
Now Customer creation is completed.
Editing Customer Company details
Client Administrator (ACC_ADMIN) and Account Manager (ACC_MGR) can edit the details of the customer company.
Go to Profile and select the Customer to edit company details.
Select the "Edit Company Info" at the right of the company detail view. Then change the values of the fields and hit SAVE.
Adding location(s) to a Customer Company
Go to Profile and select the Customer Company. You can see the "Add location" link at the right side of the "Locations" section in the company detail view. Select the "Add location" link and fill location's details. Then hit "SAVE" button to save the location.
If the location address is the same as the Company's main address then check the box "Same as Main Address".
Note: When you add a Customer Company, a location named "MAIN" will be added to that created company by the Asset General.
Editing and deleting location(s)
Once you go to the detail view of the location, you can see "Edit Location" and "Delete Location" links at the right. Location can be edited by using "Edit Location" and location can be deleted using "Delete Location".
Note: Deleting a location will remove all data in the selected location.